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Quality Management System

In order to provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction, we have undergone exhaustive quality audits in order to be certified as an ISO 9001:2015 registered company. our 7 essential subsystems of a quality system: Management controls; Design controls; Production and process controls Corrective and preventative actions Material controls Records, documents, and change controls Facilities and equipment controls


Working towards the goal of making this world a better place to live and to optimize the solar energy in such a way that other resources are saved for the future generations to come, we use the environment management systems extensively to make sure we protect the nature. Our infrastructural designs are planned, documented and worked upon in such a way that no or minimum damage is caused to the environment. We have a ISO 14001:2015 Certification well established policy for environment management that is strictly followed to in every process that we at Websol energy are indulged in.

Health and Safety Management System

Being an employer of over more than 450 employees, we pay special attention to the health, safety and overall wellbeing of our employees. We have a team of most experienced professionals who take care of Health and Safety Management System by assessing the risks involved to the workers and thereby take effective measures to ensure their security and wellbeing. We have certification of OHSAS 18001:2007 form DNV-GL.


Websol has a vast team of analysts and research specialists working towards better utilization of solar energy and designing or products and modules that are high in terms of quality and cost effective at the same time. We constantly adopt to the new and innovative technologies related to our business so that we offer the latest innovations to our highly valued customers.

Websol Energy System Limited

Websol Energy System Limited is a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic crystalline solar cells and modules in India. With a state-of-the-art integrated production facility at Falta SEZ, Sector II, Falta, West Bengal, Websol has steadfastly delivered an advanced and excellent products since 1994. a commitment to quality that our customers worldwide have come to trust. Over the years the company has established a reputation for making highly reliable photovoltaic modules for various domestic, commercial and Industrial applications.

Websol has picked up many awards and accolades in addition to international certifications making it one of the few technologically independent manufacturers of solar cells and modules in India. Websol crystalline PV modules are manufactured to the strictest engineering guidelines to meet the most stringent International quality standards requirement.

Our product showcase

1990 -1991

Mr. S. L. Agarwal, Founder and Managing Director of Websol Energy System Limited, envisaged this scenario way back in 1990’s.

1993 -1994

Technical collaboration with Helios Technology, Italy. Started with 1 MW installed capacity and Processed 4" and 5" wafers at Slatlake Sec-V Plant, West Bengal.

1995 -1997

Production Commenced with technical support from helios. the Company processed 5" Wafers to cell. installed capacity 1 MW.

1998 -1999

Production Evolved to 6" wafers and modules upto 95 Wp. A quality certificate from ISPRA IEC 61215 standards was obtained

2000 -2001

Production extended to 8" wafers. Modules output increased to 125 Wp for type W1000. Installed capacity 3 MW.

2002 -2004

International certification for W1000 as per IEC 61215 standards. UL 1703 listing for all W900 type modules. Capacity expansion from 3MW to 5MW.

2003 -2004

Installed capacity increased from 3 MW to 5 MW. UL 1703 listing obtained for W1000 type modules. Production of 160/190Wp modules commenced.

2005 -2006

Capacity increased from 5MWp to 10 MWp. Commenced commercial production of W1600 and W2000R. International certification from TUV safety class II for W2000 and W1600 type modules. Industrial site finalized in SEZ Falta, West Bengal for 120 MW expansion

2006 -2007

The total installed capacity of the Company enhanced to 20 MWp. Three new products introduced during the year including the W2000R

2007 -2008

International certification as IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 for 180/220Wp. UL and CSA listing for 180/220Wp modules. Installed PECVD technology for Silicon nitride antireflective coating at Salt Lake plant. Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management Consultant appointed for Falta plant. Cell efficiency reached 16.5% plus

2009 -2010

The total installed capacity of the Company enhanced to 60 MWp. State of the art production facility installed in Falta Special Economic Zone; West Bengal, India. Migrated from 125*125 mm to 156*156 mm wafers and increased the power output of modules to 290W.

2011 -2012

The total installed capacity of the Company enhanced to 120 MW.

2012 -2013

Tie-up with Renesola (China) for 2 years to OEM produce cells and modules on their name. Started processing Quasi-Mono wafers.

2014 -2015

Installed new texturising line to convert to multi-crystalline solar cells production. Installed capacity increased to 180 MW.

2015 -2016

Installed new process machines in the cell line for efficiency optimisation. Cell efficiency increased to 18.30% averagely. Started trials for 4BB cells

2016 -2017

Installed New Printing line with PECVD, Diffusion, Inox machine, capacity increased to 240MW.

2017 -2018

Installed New Printing line for cell and started production of 5BB cell, increased capacity 280 MW of cellline. Exiting Moduleline converted to fully automatic 250 MW moduleline production facility.

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