Bringing Light into People’s Lives


Websol Energy System Limited is considered as the pioneers in the manufacturing and marketing of Solar PV crystalline cells and Modules. With more than 450 employees on board, Websol offers an excellent career opportunity to all the deserving individuals who have the ability and the qualifications not only to work in a complex, competitive and changing environment but also to create one if need be.

We at Websol, have always been encouraging towards our employees so that they can voice new ideas and participate in challenging tasks at work to address the changing need at the marketplace as per the international work standards. We make every possible effort for our employees to ensure that they have an exciting and fulfilling career in a friendly and comforting environment, where learning and growth never cease for anyone.

Every job profile and career option at Websol comes with a purpose and a mission. We, through our jobs at Websol, aim at addressing the issues like growing need of energy and issues related to the climatic changes that are taking place with the help of products and services that have been designed at Websol as a solution to these concerns. Working with Websol would thus offer you a purpose to life and mission towards your professional career.

The foundation of Websol has been laid on our core values which are a driving force for each and every employee of the company and will continue to do so in the years to come. We build leaders, who have the capability to put the organization in the next growth orbit along with the focus on their personal and professional growth.

To strengthen the organization, we are looking for committed, dynamic and ambitious professionals with a proven track record and work experience who are willing to take up challenging responsibilities in the