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installation manual for the modules

General Instructions

The process like installation, debugging and maintenance of the modules may involve some kind of risks and cause injuries if done in an appropriate manner. It is therefore advised to the operators to take care of this issue and hire some professional staff that has the required qualification and experience to handle such tasks.

Dismantling of the modules and throwing away their modules is not advisable and one the people installing them should take care the labels are intact.

Using the connector pairs and other related stuff from the same brand and in the same type of category while installation is advised.

The monolithic modules, when exposed to direct sunlight can produce current and voltage that proves to be fatal and therefore as soon as the modules are unpacked, covering them with a cloth or any kind of opaque material is advised.

Keep away from all the cables and connectors that are unpacked and look exposed.

A reasonable bracket should be designed by the system engineers and installers so that the modules are fixed in this bracket in a systematic and recommended manner.

The processes like installation, debugging and maintenance should be done as per the instructions and safety regulations designed by the electrical engineers.

Make sure that you do not face any kind of electrical injuries when operating with the charge of the module or its maintenance.

Spraying of chemicals or putting of paint on the modules is not advisable.

Striking and trampling on the module is not advisable.