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Investors Corner

Solar energy is growing worldwide at a rapid pace. We are also continuing to advance our production capabilities to keep up with the rising demands. At the same time we ensure that we remain profitable while making large investments. This is in tune with our outlook of all round profitability and growth in business.

Board of directors

Mr. Sohan Lal Agarwal

Managing Director

PAN/DIN : 00189898

Start Date : 25-09-1992

Mr. Dharmendra Sethia

Independent Director

PAN/DIN : 06775533

Start Date : 14-08-2014

Mrs. Sima Jhunjhunwala

Whole Time Director


Start Date : 14-08-2015

Mr. Prateek Kaushik

Independent Director

PAN/DIN : 07096599

Start Date : 11-02-2015

Mr. Ritesh Ojha

Independent Director

PAN/DIN : na

Start Date : 14-11-2018