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Product Overview

Websol Energy System Limited is one of the leading Indian brands in the manufacturing of solar photovoltaic cells and modules in India. We make sure that each and every solar cell made by us or used in the modules that we supply is stringently tested and made in such a way that it yields the maximum electrical output.

The photovoltaic industry grows only when the basic raw materials like silicon are available in abundance, best of the quality standards and at affordable prices. We at Websol feel content while announcing that we make sure we procure the best quality of crystalline silicon wafer from the top manufacturers in bulk quantities to make sure that the supply is maintained and the efficiency of production is not hindered. The cell efficiency rate as high as 20.10% is achieved by us after using the best technologies and enormous amount of research that our team does in order to achieve the best results and customer satisfaction.

The cell modules that are designed by us at Websol have a wide applicability, as they are suitable for use at both domestic as well as the commercial areas of application. With the widest range and varieties of products that range from a minimum of 10 watt to a maximum of 345 watt, the areas of applications include the basic plans where rural electrification is done to the biggest ever solar plants and setups that you can think of. the strict testing rules that we adhere to for our photovoltaic modules is the only reason behind the reliability, durability and best performances for any kind of system they are brought in use at.

benefits of websol solar panels

Lower Installation Costs

The cost of solar panels is typically around 60% of the cost of a fully installed solar power system, with installation being a significant cost component. Other low efficiency technologies panels actually need more electrical, mechanical and civil components and take longer to install; adding to the overall cost of the system.


A corollary of the durability and longevity of this type of solar panels is that in areas where there is an established track record of performance (e.g., in India & EU), our clients were able to obtain easy bank financing for their projects, which is certainly a big reason why EU has the large installation base of our solar panels.

Other Environmental Concerns

Crystalline solar panels are not hazardous to the environment neither pose a threat while the panel is in service nor during disposal when the product reaches the end of its life which otherwise comes at large cost and suitable facilities.